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Microsoft Games
for Windows is a
software that helps you to
organize your
game collection in
one easy interface.

Microsoft and some of the
world's largest
gaming vendors
have collaborated
to build a software that is intended to
ensure quality and
between the
various games
available on the
market with
windows platform.
And here's the
software. This
software, in
addition to
functioning as a
store to download
games you want,
can also be used to label the box
game, is a symbol
that a sign that
the game has the
following important

* Game is quality: Games that carry the logo Game for Windows is a game that has passed testing and high-quality, including not overload the
computer and
* Games are
compatible: If
there are Games
for Windows logo,
it means the game
can run smoothly
on different
editions of
Windows (XP,
Vista, Windows 7)
both 32-bit
editions and 64 bit
* Games are played safe: you can feel confident and secure that the games played can be filtered based on age level by the parents.
* Games are not damaging the system: In other words, games that carry this logo can
certainly install,
search, play and be uninstalled safely and easily.


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